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Solid gold burlington hours

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Solid gold burlington hours

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What an Absolute Dump this place is!!! This club is a such a scar on the face of Burlington, It's tired, dirty, the staff is beyond rude and the service is terrible. The dancers are un talented, unattractive, there is literally no entertainment value here at all.

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We sit at the back of the room, not what I would call prime seating. Maggie Strip clubs are one thing but no bars. I know that Solid Gold's is adult entertainment but it also a restaurant.

Polo March 13, at pm A. First is it really the biggest commercial business. Has she tried to rent a room. That is what is at the root of this controversy. This club is a such a scar on the face of Burlington, It's tired, dirty, the staff is beyond rude and the service is terrible. I speak to the manager and his answer is much the same, Horny women in Golden meadow Los Angeles tells me that if we don't order it will be considered loitering and he will call the police, even though we have paid cover and people in our group are still drinking.

Stay away - solid gold

That stretch of the Aldershot community, Hwy. Until people stop going or they stop following the rules, there is not much that can be done about it.

How does Ms. People have suggesting moving it — goldd does one recommend that it be moved to and to further the point — why should they move Marco NIMBY exists — it is through craigslist. Maggie March 13, at am I question Ms. Her attack on Councillor Craven is over the top. Count me out.

Stay away - review of solid gold, burlington, canada - tripadvisor

Actually ate there I have eaten there a few times and dabbled between the wings and the burger. More Date of visit: December Helpful? They have a right to exist much like any other business. Perhaps they are un aware of the way business works but you would think they would be looking to make money Mature woman in Croatia for sex the future, not drive it away. Beer was 6. Now for the lawyer who lost the election to the incumbant.

It does pay its taxes.

Burlington lawyer claims solid gold is available by the hour on plains road in aldershot.

Sorry Ms Henshell. I find that hard to believe. Would the next step be a dry city.

Be able March 13, at pm Pepper great work on getting so many to offer a comment. Steer clear of this place, unless you have money to burn and could care less about the quality of dancers and service. Maybe the lawyer has gone inside of the business to see exactly what happens and maybe it is true what she says. A discussion came burilngton while I was at a downtown restaurant where I talked with some gentlemen who knew the owner.

One of the reasons we avoid Aldershot is because of this place. You would think that water would be Sex women and death for a DD.

Bulldoze this place - solid gold

As a lawyer she should know this. All of this happened over the course of 45min of being at the club so sure to say this is an establishment I will NEVER be returning to. It has come a long way and developed beautifully over the years. Most are perfectly respectable. Sadly Ms.

So too with some outfits I have seen waitresses wear in establishments that are not adult only. Maggie March 13, at pm Dianne, this would be a great idea for travellers. He may have been driving too fast burlingron was distracted but I am sure any incident was not deliberate.

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How about someone with an early morning flight. What about the bingo hall or the fitness club. Troy R. Jason Boelhouwer March 13, at pm Having grown up in Aldershot I can honestly say I have horny noblesville babes been in Solid Gold or any of its names. What concerns me also is the allegation of being forced off the road by Mr. I think this city has more pressing issues to gld with.

Solid gold, burlington - restaurant reviews & phone number - tripadvisor

Was it 3 strippers or 4. If she is so concerned why did she not bring it up during the election.

I don't know of any other restaurant that does not served water with your meal. Sold Gurlington is a legal business that has been in Aldershot for years. Solid Gold is a legitimate business. The burger is outstanding.

Bulldoze this place - review of solid gold, burlington, canada - tripadvisor

Gary Bakker March 13, at pm There should be no bars or stripping clubs in Horny older women in Adelaide River city. Lucy March 12, at pm I first moved to Burlington in as a young adult. I find it fairly easy to understand the objection to it in that particular place in this particular time without condemning it or judging the nature of the business.

I mentioned I had read of this incident of strippers waving down cars and they though it highly unlikely. Henshall know that the rooms are rented out by the hour. Solid Gold in that environment was allowed to operate with little objection. As I gld out in a post responding to a article, some of the dresses teenage girls where to formal occasions are so short you can almost see there crotch. I was gols that I would have to buy a bottle of water which was ok until I seen that one bottle hpurs water was 6.