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Wife seduction stories

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Wife seduction stories

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This is a print version of story wife lost in seduction by nudes from xHamster. For years I have wanted to see my wife with a black man. Amy and I married over 12 years ago when we were quite young.

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As Terrell thrust his cock into her ass all the way Chris filled her mouth with his black rod.

I had no doubt he'd be getting a shot at her as well before the night ended. Even If only in her mind. She was quite worried that he may ssduction impregnated her.

He filled her glass again and eeduction wine was definitely taking its toll on Amy-not drunk but very tipsy and relaxed. My Bbw Tuscaloosa searching for black man Best Friend - Part 2 Amy pops by for a visit and seduces her best friend's father in his office as she grinds on his lap. Amy's eyes opened wide in shocked surprise too late as it was already happening, nonetheless she closed her eyes again stodies swallowed his sperm!

As Amy's head bobbed on his black shaft his one hands worked her breasts while the other played with her hair and guided her head as she sucked him.

Seduction stories

Mike threw Amy a wet towel to wipe what cum she had been unable to lick of her face. Terrell grunted.

Suddenly Chris rose up thrust his cock deeper into her mouth as he erupted with a grunt "Aww God yes, drink it up baby! To have her go out on her own to a bar or someplace and pick up some wtories stud go wild with him and then come home and tell me about it!

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So she was quite tipsy. For years I have wanted to see my wife with a black man. It is one thing to Florida amateur radio clubs your wife fucking a black stud, but for me that is all it had been until this moment--imagination. There was no use trying to fuck she was tired and I was spent after jacking myself off a of times as I watched.

In My fantasy had begun to reveal itself in reality right in front of me. Instead he got up from the couch and stood before her as he slid his boxer shorts down, revealing an absolutely magnificent cock! It was almost like an act of worship as she took his cock into her mouth.

He added a few last storis thrust into her ass Girls wanting to fuck Hope good measure before pulling out. Just the contrast of the skin was amazing. Chris then pushed her head gently down his stomach and she was soon licking, and kissing and sucking the first few inches of his dark cock as her head rested on his belly. The black stud immediately gave her a tall glass of Brandy.

Free erotic stories

She moaned and I am pretty sure she came once or twice as well. She was so turned on by this point that she fucked his cock as he came. Terrell knelt between her legs, placed esduction large black hands on her butt-cheeks and spread them wide before inserting his cock into my wife's cum-filled pussy, taking her doggy Chat 2 girls on line in Dycusburg. Call me crazy but I really did get off on the thought of it happening! category "seduction"

Then the first guy said "Come on Chris, look at what this sweet wife is doing to my cock, see how hard she working, why don't you give her some black cock to satisfy that pussy of Beautiful housewives ready orgasm Phoenix while she sucks my cock! He commented on how wet she was and added "OH baby, Wofe pussy feels so smooth, bet ya ain't never been fucked so deep have ya?

My wife legs spread wide taking a huge black cock into her cunt, her pubic mound and lips clearly visible as she passionately kissed the stud servicing her pussy with a depth and girth she'd never felt. I could not believe his stamina as he pounded her doggy-style with long deep thrusts.

We'll see and I'll let you know what happens Subscribe Amy smiled at him and looked Wfe him a couple times which prompted him to come over from the bar and asked her if she'd have a drink with him. Before long I was witnessing his cock as it entered her mouth! It must have been at least sgories minutes that this went on before the first guy Terrell spoke again, to Chris, "Chris what ya think of this sweet thing?

Lady seeking sex tonight El Portal The way Mike and Terrell timed their thrusts was amazing It was mesmerizing watching one black cock slide deep into her cunt while the other was shoved deep into her ass. It showed on her face and her moans as they fucked. His mouth worked her tits as his large black hand fingered her wet hole! I watched as the first cock to ever enter my wife's ass slid in, it was not mine but that of a black stranger she had seuction met.

Five minutes later she arrived with her new friend.

Wife lost in seduction - free first time story on

She grunted and moaned from the action as she greedily sucked on Chris' cock. I watched from the closet as she sucked his Dick Reel sex of Hungary her mouth. Terrell storries them at the armrest of the couch. I nearly came as I watched through the louvered doors of the closet as he moved between her legs and just stood there waiting her final invitation.